More as a hobby we farm nowadays around 40 ha of cropland in the biodynamic way. We do not see ourselves just as winemakers and in our opinion growing crops is an important part of agriculture. A tradition that we will always care about.

Recently we are changing our system on the field to ridge planting. It’s a simple but ingenious system were all cultured plants may grow on ridges. This method was developed by the Spanish, Julian Turiel, who developed it based on an ancient Spanish way of growing.

With a special machine that is easy to use we can manage all the production steps besides the harvest. This system together with the use of the biodynamic preparations we achieve a fast reproduction of hummus and therefore, soil vitality. As a result, our yields are higher, and the energy input is highly lower compared to conventional methods.

With this method and a five-year crop rotation we can achieve high yields every year that are viable for human and animal and ensure a production of hummus at the same time by greening.

Planting on ridges achieves a better microclimate on the field and plants that develop deeper root systems are less sensitive to drought.


Recently we are mainly cultivating wheat, spelt, rye, sunflowers, broad beans and hemp. There are also some smaller fields with Fennel and numerous types of clover. Soon we will be able to use our machine to grow corn. Further, there are some smaller fields we seeded flowers to create flower meadows that serve as food sources for wild and honey bees as well as numerous other animals. Moreover, there is some of our land with grass and clover, it is used for straw and hay production for traditional blonde cattle owned by a befriended winemaker family Wimmer Czerny, as well as for some neighbours’ horses. In turn we get their valuable manure for our compost. This manure is used with our sheep manure and grape marc to produce our important fertilizer.

With crop rotation, biodynamic cultivation and planting on ridges we can ensure that our soil stays vital and fertile.