Roter Veltliner von Gösing

The Rote Veltliner was probably introduced to our area during the era of the Roman Empire. We mainly cultivate very old vines which impressively reflect the potential of the Wagram. The specific selection of the most valuable vines is now refined step by step and freshly planted on our steep slope on BERG EISENHUT.

For our Sonnseit'n wine we use hand-picked, selected, fully ripened grapes from the differnt Roter Veltliner vines around the village Goesing. The must ferments in stainless stell tanks. After the late first racking the Sonnseit'n  ripens until bottling in march of the following year in tanks.

with Glastwister
Roter Veltliner 2013

Noble, varied nose with some scent of rose, subtle fruit, opulent – a fine, tasty experience.
12abv - dry - 750ml