Growing vines with the use of biodynamic methods allows us to make wines that are pure and full of soul and character.

We create environments in and around our vineyards that are diverse biotopes.  In between the rows as well as under the vines themselves we plant different herbs, legumes, and flowering plants.

At the same time, we support native plants and try to have as little intervention as possible. On the slopes you can find various trees, perennials, weeds etc. With our endeavour we can create a wine garden that is very special because of its balanced biodiversity. With the use of biodynamic preparations and compost we can strengthen the biological activity in the soil. Pest management is performed under the guidelines of biological viticulture with includes the use of orange oil and extracts of seaweed, horsetail, fennel, bitter orange. In combination with mineral sulphur and organic fruit acid we make nutrients like copper, boron, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, potassium etc. available for the plants. They can use these substances to strengthen their resistance. Consequently, we can harvest healthy grapes that are wholesome and delicious. We strictly avoid the use of conventional pesticides and herbicides that are petroleum-based.

Biodynamic growing

In easy words, biodynamic growing uses the help of plant-based preparations that were processed in animal horns and applied to the plants. Before the application the substances are stimulated in pure, warm water which is stirred for an hour in both directions. The effect of the preparation is passed over to the water and multiplied. In this way we can achieve an incredible effect on our plants and the soil which is similar to the principles of homeopathy.

Vitality of the soil

The soil must be vital and fertile to ensure a healthy, vigorous growth of our vines. As fertilizer we use our compost which consists of slowly rotting horse and sheep manure mixed with grape marc and prepared with biodynamic substances. One hand of soil should contain as many lives as people on earth


We grow wine on 16 ha which are spread around Goesing. There are slopes and terraces on sites like Hengstberg, Fumberg, Berg Eisenhut, Goldberg, Vordere Taeler, Bruendlgraben and Weefel. The main grown varieties are GRÜNER VELTLINER, ROTER VELTLINER and RIESLING for the whites and BLAUER ZWEIGELT & Co for the red wines. Moreover, we planted in some trail fields numerous new and interesting cultivars that are fungus resistant.

Our vines grow at 250m-350 m sea-level influenced by Pannonian climate and the forest of the Manhartsberg with hot days and cool nights. These conditions enable us to harvest aromatic, fully ripened berries of high quality.