Irden Roter Veltliner im Steinzeug

Once precious foods were stored in vessels made of earth (ger.:” irdischen”) materials like clay. Our stoneware vessels were made in Germany in between the first and second world war. In this 1 year-long production various burning processes took place. Unfortunately, the production was stopped as production-cost were too high.  In these vessels 80 % of our best Roter Veltliner grapes were macerated and 20% of their must fermented. After fermentation the young wine was fused. The question appears if the skin of Roter Veltliner berries is releasing some colour, but as the wine shows this is not the case. As seems the perfect way to achieve the full character of this traditional variety of the Wagram region. Minimal use of sulphur and the stoneware bottle that protects for oxidation and light brings the terroir of this wine to shine. 

In stoneware bottle with biological nature cork

Roter Veltliner im Steinzeug 2017

Unique, impressive with great aging capacity

13 %vol-dry- 0,75l