Roter Veltliner BERG EISENHUT

The Rote Veltliner was probably introduced to our area during the era of the Roman Empire. We mainly cultivate very old vines which impressively reflect the potential of the Wagram. The specific selection of the most valuable vines is now refined step by step and freshly planted on our steep slope on BERG EISENHUT.

For this wine, the best and ripest grapes from the Roter Veltliner vines are selected and picked by hand. The must slowly fermented in a stone-ware-tank. The young wine slowly ripened on the fine-yeast. After around 6 months of ripening, these wine will be bottled very carefully. Due to appropriate maturing in the bottle, an impressive drinking experience develops – a wine that appears powerful, subtle and a pleasure to drink!

with STELVIN SCREWCAP - avaliable september 2012
Roter Veltliner 2011

noble, varied nose; a little reserved on the palate, it still shows its potential with a roundelay of fruit and finesse of distinct aromas; very suited for storing!
13abv - dry - 750ml