Blauer Zweigelt & Co OIBELOS

To cultivate red wine vines on the slopes around Gösing on sandy or clay soil is an experiment pointing to the future. We currently have approx. 2 ha land planted mainly with Blauer Zweigelt & a little other varieties. The ripe grapes will be picked by hand and destemmed. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in tubs, where the grape skins are dipped by hand several times every day, in order to leach colour and aroma substances. After fermentation the wine is carefully pressed and the young red-wine accomplishes its second fermentation (malulactic fermentation) during which the remaining apple acid is organically reduced. Afterwards the fusion to one wine – the OIBELOS – takes place which then ripens for at least two years in various oakwood barrels. Due to appropriate maturing in the bottle, a fine, fruity, pleasant culinary delight of refined taste is achieved.

Blauer Zweigelt & Co

Our weighed, fruity, pleasant and fine red wine, full of refined taste – a "drinkable red wine"
12,5abv - dry - 750ml