Organic-biodynamic winegrowing for light, pure and fine wines with spirit and character

In our vineyards we create a manifold biotop! In between the vine rows and beneath the vines, we grow various herbs, legumes, flowering plants etc., at the same time the existent wild flora is not destroyed. A variety of trees, shrubs, and grasses grow on the scarps (embarkments). Thus, we can create a convincing vineyard scape due to its diversity and harmony. Besides, from now on, we activate the biological activity of our land by using biodynamic compounds;  to put it simple, biodynamic cultivation means that, with the support of vegetable, dissected substances with the impact of horned ruminants, e.g. cows, water is made dynamic and this water is used for the fields resp. for the plants. To dynamise you have to intensly stir the water in rotational directions for an hour. The water thereby absorbs the effects of the used compound and you can obtain – just as in homeopathy – astonishing results for the ground and plants. The land has to be fertile and vivid to pass on refractiveness and vitality to the vines. Moreover, we also use a fennel compound to keep real mildew of the vines. Synthetic pesticides are tabooed in organic agriculture! Our land is fertilized, if necessary, with slowly rotting, dissected compost made from horse resp. cow droppings mixed with vine remnants.
A hand-full of soil has to contain as much vividness as people are on this globe!



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