On the terraces around Gösing, we have large, coherent areas with vines on Hengstberg, Fumberg, Berg Eisenhut, at Bründlgraben, Gsang and Himmelreich, in total around 15 ha, where we grow the sorts GRÜNER VELTLINER, ROTER VELTLINER, RIESLING and the red wine vines BLAUER ZWEIGELT, ST. LAURENT & a very little bit CABERNET as well as a few experimental sorts. Our vines grow on 250-350 m sea level, under the influence of the Pannonian climate with hot temperatures during the daytime and cold nights due to the proximity to tree-covered Manhartsberg.


Our sites and soil: On Fumberg, Gsang and Himmelreich we have terraces with meter-high loess and a rich humus layer, on the Eisenhut hill terraces Red Detritus mixed with loess and clay sediments, humus-gravel textured brown soil on Hengstberg, and our red wine vines grow on gravelly clay on sea sand in clay on Fumberg resp. on very sandy, chalky loess on the Bründelsgraben.

 The maintenance of the vines requires a lot of sensitivity and patience. We need vital vines – but these only grow on a healthy, vital soil. We maintain and support this through careful ecologic farming resp. from now onwards by means of bio-dynamic farming. This way, we can make our vines reflect the Wagram terrain and our wines mirror the "scent of the soil".


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