Our wines grow on the vines, thus, in our cellar we receive and conserve what riped on the vines. The principle of our cellar is as little technology as possible. The grapes are picked and sorted by hand by our familiy and helpers, who work together as a good team since a long time. The grapes are then pressed without pumping. The berries will be sorted with our new maschine by air. The most slowly ferments in stainless steel tanks resp. in big casks or stoneware-tanks with our own wild yeasts. After fermentation, the further upgrading of all our wines takes place for a long time on the yeast in order to gain good harmony. For the red wine the berries fermenting traditionaly in big vats with using a little bit organic sugar to increase the taste and alcohol. For the white wines we only use Bentonit, max. total sulfites of 100 mg/L and sometimes organic gelatine and chalk. The picking of various vines is specially merged to bring out a wine characteristic for its type and site. Here, the time factor plays a great role. We let wines ripe which are enjoyable to drink, are light and digestible, pure, and have spirit and character.


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