We run a biodynamic agriculture(demeter) on around 30 ha of fields. As we don't regard ourselves solely as wine-growers, but also as farmers, we will keep running the farm and possibly even extend it. Also our acreages for biodynamic agriculture and winegrowing, which we just recently set up, are very important. This means, for instance, that on parts of this land, we produce fodder and straw for the sheeps  and goats and for horses in our village.

In turn, we get valuable sheep, goat and horse droppings for our compost. At this time, we produce wheat, rye, peas, barley, fennel, sunflowers various clover sorts and various seeds for our plant-growing in the vineyards such as spices and herbs, phazelia, leindotter, lupins etc. in a 6-year-sequel. We can only succeed in conserving a long term fertile ground by means of varying the crop sequels and with biodynamic agriculture methods.


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