daniela vigne & toni söllner & helpers  

Here the people who are standing behind the estate soellner:

Daniela Vigne – after meeting and marrying Toni Söllner in 1995 decided to join in as a winegrower. From 1989 to 1995 Toni Söllner made first experiences in wine- and fruit-growing. Already during his technical education he pressed his first wine with only 16 years of age. Part of his training, was to work for other farms as well as study trips to such. Growing up at his parents' farm caused an intimate connection to nature and everything that makes up to sustainably leading an agricultural business. Thus, in 1995, they consequently decided to practice a controlled organic-biodynamic cultivation. At present, Daniela Vigne and Toni Söllner, parents and helpers run approx. 15. ha  vineyards, 30 ha agriculture, 10 ha forests & biotops and around 1 ha orchards.

The existent main farmyard with its white wine cellar will continuously renovated and extended over the next few years. The distillation of accrued fruit and the winepressing of our red wine OIBELOS now takes place at the renovated house opposite the main farmyard.


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